Why counselling? People usual attend counselling to talk in confidence about what is going on for them and how to move forward in their lives. It could be about anxiety and depression, or addictive behaviours, or dealing with change. Change is difficult, and most people find change is easier to  work with someone who is non-judgemental, skilled and compassionate.

My approach is an integrative person-centred approach, which means I use different counselling approaches depending on the client needs and preferences. For example, I use cognitive behavioural therapy working with unhelpful thoughts, poetry and art therapy with all kinds of issues, and work with dreams to help make sense of how they are feeling.

Individual counselling  I usually start with an overview and assessment. From there we work on an agreed plan and regularly review the progress. I have received positive feedback over the years on my style and approach.

Couples counselling In addition to my core degree training in psychotherapy I trained with Accord Ireland to become a qualified couples counsellor and supervisor. I have had a lot of success in my approach working with couples towards positive change.

From €75 per session