Poetry Therapy Residential Weekend Workshops: for Counsellors and health professionals (14 CPD hours). Next one is February 8 + 9 Near Sligo. Weekend Residential workshops from €250, accommodation extra.

  • An intensive weekend where you will experience the basics of integrating poetry therapy into your practice. Its a great way to get to the heart of the matter in a safe, supportive and therapeutic manner.
  • Although we will cover the theory and tasks of poetry therapy, the learning is by doing – an experiential workshop where you can enjoy the process of learning. This is done through your own journey into expression, in a way that you can then use with your clients.
  • You will come away with the tools to work with a variety of clients and presenting issues, and a rich array of resources to build on your chosen approach to client work.
  • You will learn how to help your clients access thoughts and emotions through working with their own poetry, recognised poetry and writings. You will be shown how to help clients write their own work and process thier experience in a safe way, one that they can bring into their lives outside the counselling room.